Reynaldo Jr APARICO March 6th, 2011

Blink!!!!MY BROTHER!!!!!! As boy about 9 yrs old on up. I loved being with you. I felt at the top of the world. You would show me fighting moves and show me how to defend myself. You were so generous with the people you loved. If a new game on nintendo would come out you would buy it for us ( Just so we would have new games to play at my house when you were there. I would always be able to find you on TREAT ST (on the steps). or at night on the top of old Moscone's roof. We spent a lot of time together but not enough. We went sking for our first time(It was hella fun) and you were a pro. After the second time down you went down the most experienced ski run with no problem and a big ass smile. You always told me I was your brother from day 1. And I was so proud and always will be your little bro. You would tell me how to game up the females correctly. I would love to watch you play basketball at the Mission REC. It was great to see how talented you were. You were the BEST. I know you LOVED ROSA and I KNOW she LOVES YOU!!! I miss the Capping battles between You and (my sis) Chelly ( FOR HOURS). It would be about 5 or 6 of us capping on eachother and always end with you and Chelly. I know my DAD would always have something to say to you. But you always stayed respectful. You loved my dad b/c he was always there for your children. Anicia, Azelia, and Yugi. Are doing great. They miss you and love you SooOOOO MUCH. I remember Jan.3rd 1992, The day Nini was born. Rosalinda went in labor early in the morning but didn't give birth until night time. It was a rainy day. We spent the whole day together. You were so nervous. You got sicker than Rosa at a point. At general hospital there was at least 100 people ( the whole hood) there supporting you. I wish we can go back in time. I miss walking to your moms house looking for you. I miss walking upstairs to your room, I miss your stories. BLINK YOU ARE MISSED. YOU ALWAYS HAD MY BACK NO MATTER WHAT.....!!!! As I got older I started hanging out in the hood. You introduced me to alot of people you were "friends" with. So in my mind those people you were once "friends" with I considered them my "friends" but after you were not cool with them, I didn't know. It was hard keeping up with all these situations; I was and always will be on your side of any battle or argument against these suckaz. I MISS MY BIG BRO!!!! NOVEmber 28th until now and forever THE PAIN IS STILL HERE and won't ever go away. Much love. REY JR- TUTAS