Blink & Pretty Boy Serg as roommates & like brothers


Created by Sergio Paniagua 10 years ago
Growing up in the streets of frisco mostly the back streets, hanging out and laughing from a block away, I hear a phooo hear comes Chito walking with a limp like a pimp, singing and rapping; "Out of the Mission I got HOG written across my chest!" That was his favorite rap. When WE as youngsters had to run to getaway or fight, I was always by his side, I always followed his steps and would go home safe; moms always ask if I was hungry or from the kitchen I would hear a phooo Serg u hungry, always made sure he fed his friends, So many memories, many laughing out loud. When B gave me that nick name Pretty Boy he would laugh and smile, thats how he let every body know! Today some know me by that name. When I faught somebody it would take me a minute to pin a guy but B, he would knock 'em out with a couple of moves, He was a true UFC fighter. At the end of "OUR" time together,I as a father, going through it and loosing my self, Blink was there for me. We, as roommates living like real brothers. Playing Madden and Wrestling with JC, had great moments with Jigga Silent Gil, and Jason, Will even crazy Zain & Mosco, that was memorable. Looking at Blink sleep and his phone ringing 100 times, I would try waking him up, but he would sleep like baby. When he would wake up we'd eat like brothers at the table, something I never had with my family. I treasure those moments! Sorry Blink for not been there that day, at your time of need a real Hog Brother! I was 20 minutes away from running into you after seeing my babys, The Streets was so quite and there was YOU no more, I lost my self, but as a warrior that I am, I wont quit life, and as father, I will succeed in life, as God permits me to. I will always be with my babys and make that tree on 24th and Hampshire shine with blinking lights! Rest in peace, brother! There isn't a day that I ask for your guidance through our LORD!