For My Life Long Friend "CHINA"

2007 December 15

Created by Rosa 12 years ago
China my Life Long Friend I know how you Hurt. I lost my Mother, you were there for me. I never forgot that. I'd like to return you this gift,just a token of My Friendship from me to you!!!!! (family) It will be a long Journey, but I swear it will get better. I wish I could tell you everything is ok, but I'd be lying. I can only tell you I'm very sorry for your loss! I know and understand the pain you are feeling it will pass. I wrote this for you I kneel by the side of his grave And I cry for my brother, I love so much, I know he'd hate to see me cry. But, everything's gone wrong And I need to tell him I love him. I haven't told him in so long. He used to dry my tears away And put a smile in their place. Oh God, I'd be so happy If I could only see his face. You see, I miss him terribly. We were close, him and I. He taught me so many things, Lord. He took the time to answer why. Why did he have to leave me? I feel so all alone. I long to hear his voice again, To call him on the phone. Oh Lord, please give me strength To bear this awful pain. Tell him that I love him, Lord. Slow these tears that fall like rain. Assure me that we'll meet again, Upon your Golden Shore, And once more he'll be my brother In Heaven, forever more. With a burdened heart and a troubled mind.